Better Half

You release a side of me
I’ve never known
and I call it
    my worst.
But if I look closer
it’s not that bad.

See, with you,
I know it’s love
because I’m willing to
  wage war
to maintain peace
and I never thought twice
about the thoughts of others
it was always just

See, with you,
I learned
“Second chances”
does not mean
two strikes
we’re through,
and sometimes
  letting it go
solves more issues
than allowing it to swell.

See, with you,
I recognize
what it really means
to care for someone
to fight their battles
and be their truth,
to give my all
and expect nothing in return
no matter how hurt
or angry
your smile
    melts that away
your smile
    was my sunrise
your smile
    was my full moon,
always pulling me back.

See, with you,
even now,
I hope you’re okay–
you’re my last thought
  before bed
my first dream
  when I wake
and I will still
fight your battles
because with you,
I know it’s love.

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